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About us


At Akshyantra we provide different forms of special needs support. The main ones are Accommodation,Remediation and modification.  Accommodation ensures changes in Environment, Curriculum format and Equipment to make sure that Children have access to learning and are able to complete assigned tasks.

Mind mapping, repetition of information and dramatizing information  are central to learning support and are methods adopted in tutoring.

Teaching technique is designed to suit the learner, and customised to support the student.

Under remediation we help children overcome learning hurdles and assist them in horning their skills.  These interventions are designed to help the students achieve a higher level of personal self-sufficiency,  success in school and in their community. Our teachers play a crucial role - One of the most attractive and effective part of studying in Akshayantra Learning Centre is the excellent student teacher ratio. Our teachers are qualified and well equipped to personalize lessons to match the needs and possibility of each student.


Teachers also possess personality traits such as patience, compassion, kindness, flexibility and insightfulness to provide appropriate emotional and academic support while working with students.

About the Vivekalaya Group of Institutions


The Vivekalaya group of Institutions had been catering to children with special needs for more than three decades.  Our Institutions aspire to see the ability in every child. We believe that nothing is more rewarding than seeing a child blossom.  Our goal is to enable every child to grow to their fullest potential by providing them an appropriate environment and equipping them with skills to support learning needs. Vivekalaya's Akshayantra Learning Centre has been a pioneer in creating an inclusive environment where every child’s needs are met.

Our Aim At Akshyantra


The aim at Akshyantra learning centre is to support students with additional learning needs and enable them to have a successful and enjoyable school experience. A learning centre where inclusion is the philosophy and where the learning environment inspires to get students to “R.E.A.C.H “–Respond, Engage and Climb Higher. 

The goal of the teaching fraternity is to provide a seat of learning to build a child’s skill over time,  there by allowing them to access a formal education system in the future

Our Unique Methodology: What the Tutors do


The focus is on the child’s abilities. All children have equal access and everyone is valued and participates to the best of their ability. Teachers are highly trained to deliver a differentiated curriculum to meet the student’s needs and provide positive and appropriate support in the interactive individual setting. Qualified, kind and compassionate teachers mentor the student’s individual giftedness by providing a warm, secure, and protective environment.

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